betleH batlh je—Bat’leths & Honor

ghetwI’ Quj ‘oH {betleH batlh je}’e’. tlhIngan HolvaD Lasers & Feelings RPGvo’ vImughpu’! (feelings ‘oSbogh mu’ Hutlh tlhIngan Hol.) chaq wa’DIch tlhIngan Hol ghetwI’ Quj ‘oH, qar’a’? wen law’ vIpaQtaH, vIpaQtaH, vIpaQtaH, ‘ach DaH tagha’ vImuchnIs. yItIv!

{betleH batlh je}, or Bat’leths & Honor, is a roleplaying game. I have translated it into Klingon from the Lasers & Feelings RPG. (The Klingon language lacks a word for “feelings”.) Perhaps it is the first Klingon-language roleplaying game? For many months I’ve been chewing this over, but now finally I need to release it. Enjoy it!


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