1PDC 2020: The Crying Cricket Tavern

Finally got a submission in for the One-Page Dungeon Contest. I’ve been taken with hand-drawing taverns in the style of Dyson. But… One-page taverns should be a genre unto themselves! Every fantasy gamer needs fresh, distinct tavern maps, and most taverns should be small enough to fit on a single page with a 5-foot grid: tiny watering holes should surely be more common than massive alehalls hundreds of feet long. So I made one. The map was drawn at 1-inch battlemat scale, but we did a bad job with the scan (no time to fix it on deadline!) Just print off the page and throw it on the table.

The Crying Cricket Tavern is an odd little goblin bar with a couple of secrets. It’s also a one-page tavern adventure and printable battlemat.


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