Month: May, 2016

2016 Derby Disclosure

Nyquist (13), Exaggerator (11), Destin (9), Mohaymen (14)


Shit Donald Trump Says

A running catalog, until I go insane. Not even really gonna try to go back and catalog anything before May 3, 2016, the day Donald J. Trump clinched the GOP nomination at the Indiana primary. Not even going to try to catalog the daily reversals on policy (this would be a category error: policy for Trump is just a means of generating media attention). This is not at all comprehensive: Donald Trump says way too many bizarre, ignorant, or offensive things to fully keep track of.

2016 Oaks Disclosure

Go Maggie Go (4), Cathryn Sophia (12), and Dothraki Queen (15).

Dothraki Queen scratched, so Rachel’s Valentina (11).