Applied linguistics boot camp

For me going to Czech is now like a boot camp in applied linguistics.

There’s an overview in this 2001 lecture on the mortality of language learning methods and the 20th-century history of language instruction, and Wikipedia’s list of theories of second-language . When browsing around on Krashen’s comprehension hypothesis model of L2 learning, I found the wonderful lecture Stephen Krashen on Second Language Acquisition at Pagoda Academy in Busan Part 1:

The first 30 minutes are the best. He goes on to praise James Asher and TPR, Tracy Terell and the natural approach, and TPRS.

It’s interesting to see what insights here remain valuable and which seem somewhat dated: his demonstration of comprehensible input speaks for itself. But the idea that input is the only thing needed to attune a speaker to her language’s specific parameters of the universal grammar is one I find…rather dubious.


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