Make your own Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for terrible people, but I suspect that it’s also best as a homemade, nomic game like 1000 Blank White Cards. Add plenty of blank cards, but you need lots of premade cards too. Some of the fandom sets—Cards Against Gallifrey, Nerds Against Humanity, and Ladies Against Humanity—have some great cards. Once you get going, making up a bunch of cards for Cards Against Humanity is easy, just keep your eye open for good snippets. Here we’ll start by converting this 9gag meme.

First make the black card: How will I die?

Then make the white cards. Here, we’ll make a rules change so that if a white card has a blank, you can add in another white card to fill it.

Being fellated by _____.
Being stabbed by _____.
Being penetrated by _____.
Being run over by _____.
Being crushed by _____.
Being smothered by _____.
Being lynched by _____.
Being assassinated by _____.
Being drowned in _____.
Being suffocated by _____.
Being strangled by _____.
Being devoured by _____.
Being buried alive by _____.
Being eaten out by _____.
Being crippled by _____.
Being bored of _____.
Being murdered by _____.
Being skinned alive by _____.
Being tortured by _____.
Being fucked by _____.
Being beaten by _____.
Being consumed by _____.
Being annoyed by _____.
Being ravaged by _____.
Being infected by _____.
Being happy with _____.

My existence
The world we live in. 
Meth addicts. 
The Lord Jesus Christ.
Justin Bieber. 
A cloud. 
My family.
Every member of Limp Bizkit. 
My failures. 
The Internet. 
Ranch dressing.

Reading CAH cards gives you ideas for more:

Getting your face chewed off by _____.
Being eaten by _____.
Bath salts addicts.
Florida Man. 

Plug these into a custom card generator, print off the cards, cut them out. I like the 2″-by-2″ format of the Cards Against Humanity download edition rather than the playing-card size of the printed edition.


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