Labyrinth Lord (AEC) Creatures by HD

Following up on the Labyrinth Lord Creatures by HD, here’s an index for the Advanced Edition Companion. This is not necessarily the best metric of creature power, of course, and the gas spore (1 hp) is an object lesson in why. AEC has a lot more creatures of variable HD, and I was interested to see the balor (8+ HD) and marilith (7+ HD) demons. Also, I’ve not included unique creatures such as the demon lords Astarot (23 HD), Jubilex (21 HD), Orcus (22 HD), the archdevils Amon (22 HD), Baal (21 HD), Geryon (23 HD), or the multiheaded chromatic dragon (18 HD).

1 hp: gas spore (1 creature)

1d4 hp: brownie, ear seeker, eye (floating), jackal, leprechaun (5 creatures)

1-1 HD: eel (sea) (1 creature)

1 HD: elf (deep), flightless bird (emu), frog (giant), frog (giant poisonous), piercer (5 creatures)

1+ HD: baboon, badger (normal), dog (wild), dwarf (duergar), frog (giant killer) (5 creatures)

2 HD: eel (electric), elf (drow), flightless bird (rhea), frog (giant), homunculus, locathah, piercer, pseudo-dragon, strangle weed, tick (giant) (10 creatures)

2+ HD: devil (imp), dog (war), sahuagin, toad (giant, poisonous) (4 creatures)

3 HD: ankheg, ape (chimpanzee), axe beak, badger (giant), demon (quasit), devil (lemure), flightless bird (ostrich), frog (giant), fungi (violet), hyena (normal), nymph, piercer, sea hag, strangle weed, tick (giant), triton, wolverine (ordinary) (17 creatures)

3+ HD: boar (warthog) (1 creature)

4 HD: ankheg, eagle (giant), ghast, hippocampus, jackalwere, owl (giant), piercer, strangle weed, tick (giant), wasp (giant) (10 creatures)

4+ HD: ape (gorilla), crayfish (giant), wolverine (giant), yeti (4 creatures)

5 HD: ankheg, ape (man-eating), beetle (giant, boring), eel (giant), hyena (giant), satyr, slithering tracker, toad (giant, ice) (8 creatures)

5+ HD: devil (horned), ogre mage, spider (phase) (3 creatures)

6 HD: ankheg, demon (succubus/incubus), otyugh (standard), wolf (winter) (4 creatures)

6+ HD: wind walker, devil (erinyes), nightmare (3 creatures)

7 HD: ankheg, beetle (giant, stag), dragon (brass), groaning spirit (banshee), mimic (young), naga (water), otyugh (standard), rakshasa, remorhaz (9 creatures)

7+ HD: demon (babau), demon (marilith), lammasu, xorn (4 creatures)

8 HD: ankheg, demon (vrock), devil (barbed), dragon (copper), naga (water), night hag, mimic (young), otyugh (standard), remorhaz, shambling mound, sphinx (gynosphinx) (11 creatures)

8+ HD: demon (balor) (1 creature)

9 HD: bulette, couatl, demon (hezrou), devil (bone), dragon (bronze), dragonne, golem (flesh), lamia, mimic (old), naga (spirit), otyugh (advanced), remorhaz, shambling mound, sphinx (hieracosphinx), will-o-wisp (15 creatures)

10 HD: demon (glabrezu), dragon (silver), eye of the deep, eye of terror, ghost, lurker above, naga (spirit), mimic (old), otyugh (advanced), remorhaz, roper, shambling mound, shark (giant), sphinx (criosphinx), turtle (giant, snapping) (15 creatures)

11 HD: demon (nalfeshnee), devil (ice), eye of the deep, eye of terror, golem (clay), naga (guardian), otyugh (advanced), remorhaz, roper, shambling mound, shark (giant) (11 creatures)

12 HD: beetle (giant, rhinoceros), eye of the deep, eye of terror, lich, naga (guardian), otyugh (advanced), shark (giant), slug (giant), remorhaz, roper, sphinx (androsphinx), trapper (12 creatures)

13 HD: devil (pit fiend), remorhaz, shark (giant) (3 creatures)

14 HD: eye (tentacled), golem (stone), remorhaz, shark (giant) (4 creatures)

15 HD: eye (tentacled), shark (giant), turtle (giant, sea) (3 creatures)

16 HD: aerial servant, eye (tentacled) (2 creatures)

17 HD: titan (1 creature)

18 HD: golem (iron), titan (2 creatures)

19-22 HD: titan (1 creature)


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