Labyrinth Lord Creatures by HD

Indices are the best. Retro-clone/OSR games probably need a cross-RPG monster database, but an index will serve. This one covers just the Labyrinth Lord core book, not the Advanced Edition Companion or other books.

1 hp: bat (normal), rat (ordinary), rot grub (3 creatures)

1d4 hp: bee (giant killer), centipede (giant), hawk (ordinary), rat (giant), kobold, sprite (6 creatures)

1-1 HD: goblin, halfling (2 creatures)

1 HD: dwarf, gnome, herd animals (antelope, deer, goats), men (brigand), men (pirate), men (merchant), men (nomad), merfolk, morlock, nixie, orc, pixie, pterodactyl, shrew (giant), skeleton, snake (spitting cobra), stirge (17 creatures)

1+ HD: beetle (giant, fire), elf, ferret (giant), hobgoblin, men (berserker) (5 creatures)

2 HD: baboon (higher), bat (giant), beetle (giant, spitting), camel, crocodile (ordinary), dryad, fly (giant carnivorous), ghoul, gnoll, green slime, herd animals (antelope, deer, goats), horse (riding), insect swarm, locust (subterranean), mule, neanderthal, shark (bull), snake (pit viper), spider (giant, crab spider), troglodyte, yellow mold, zombie (22 creatures)

2+ HD: golem (wood), lizardfolk, pegasus, shadow, toad (giant), wolf (ordinary) (6 creatures)

3 HD: boar, crab (giant), gray ooze, harpy, hell hound, herd animals (caribou, cattle, oxen), horse (war), horse (draft), insect swarm, lycanthrope (wererat), shrieker, snake (sea snake), spider (giant, black widow), statue (animate, crystal), throghrin, wight, beetle (giant, carnivorous) (17 creatures)

3+ HD: bugbear, carcass scavenger, cat (large, mountain lion), fish (giant, piranha), hawk (giant), hippogriff, lizard (giant, gecko) (7 creatures)

4 HD: centaur, ant (giant), ape (albino), bear (black), blink dog, doppelganger, cat (large, panther), gargoyle, gelatinous cube, hell hound, herd animals (buffalo, elk, moose), insect swarm, lycanthrope (werewolf), medusa, rhinoceros (ordinary), scorpion (giant), shark (mako), snake (giant rattler), spider (giant, tarantula), statue (animate, iron), unicorn, wraith (22 creatures)

4+ HD: lizard (giant, draco), lycanthrope (wereboar), ogre, rhagodessa (giant), weasel (giant), wolf (dire) (6 creatures)

5 HD: bear (grizzly), cat (large, lion), cockatrice, hell hound, hydra (5-headed), lizard (giant, horned chameleon), lycanthrope (weretiger), ochre jelly, owl bear, pterodactyl (pteranodon), rust monster, snake (giant python), statue (animate, stone) (13 creatures)

5+ HD: fish (giant, rockfish), mummy (2 creatures)

6 HD: bear (polar), cat (large, tiger), crocodile (large), dragon (white), gray worm, hell hound, hydra (6-headed), leech (giant), lizard (giant, tuatara), lycanthrope (werebear), minotaur, phase tiger, roc (small), sea serpent, spectre, whale (killer) (16 creatures)

6+ HD: basilisk, manticore, troll (3 creatures)

7 HD: bear (cave), dragon (black), griffon, hell hound, hydra (7-headed), squid (giant), vampire, wyvern (7 creatures)

7+ HD: djinni (1 creature)

8 HD: cat (large, sabre-tooth tiger), dragon (green), dragon (sea), elemental (air), elemental (earth), elemental (fire), elemental (water), giant (hill), golem (bone), gorgon, hydra (8-headed), invisible stalker, octopus (giant), rhinoceros (woolly), salamander (flame), shark (great white), treant, vampire (17 creatures)

8+ HD: fish (giant, catfish) (1 creature)

9 HD: chimera, demon boar, dragon (blue), elephant, giant (stone), hydra (9-headed), vampire (7 creatures)

10 HD: black pudding, dragon (red), efreeti, ettin, golem (amber), hydra (10-headed) (6 creatures)

10+ HD: fish (giant, sturgeon), giant (frost) (2 creatures)

11 HD: dragon (gold), hydra (11-headed), stegosaurus, triceratops (4 creatures)

11+ HD: giant (fire) (1 creature)

12 HD: elemental (air), elemental (earth), elemental (fire), elemental (water), hydra (12-headed), roc (large), salamander (frost), titanothere, whale (narwhal) (9 creatures)

12+ HD: giant (cloud) (1 creature)

13 HD: cyclops (1 creature)

15 HD: crocodile (giant), giant (storm), mastodon, purple worm (4 creatures)

16 HD: elemental (air), elemental (earth), elemental (fire), elemental (water) (4 creatures)

20 HD: golem (bronze), tyrannosaurus rex (2 creatures)

30 HD: dragon turtle (1 creature)

36 HD: roc (giant), whale (sperm) (2 creatures)


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